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Eccleston Ears

Ears! Ears! Ears!

10/27/06 11:09 pm - pookizegreat - Finally. Kindred souls.

Long have I quested for a community for Christopher Eccleston's ears. Actually, that's a lie. If I had I would have found it, and joined it, ages ago. The point being, the intent was there. His ears are in my LiveJournal interests, and that proves that the intent was there. Unless I stuck them in my interests AFTER finding the community, just to blend in with you all and ultimately steal your souls. But enough about my uncle, let's talk about Eccleston. Currently my plans are to kidnap him, make exact molds of his ears using plaster of paris and possibly distracting him with muffins, then creating exact, blown-up models (still with me? I'm not), and THEN making huge jell-o ears. Using the molds. The big ones. I'll place them in my city center, and soon I'll have an entire cult of Ecclestearonians at my disposal, wearing grass skirts and carrying bananas as lethal weapons. We'll go take over America, and spread from there. I'll bet America has boats for the spreading. Maybe ear-shaped boats.


9/8/06 04:42 pm - lobsterbelle

Lolz, I am updating.

4/22/06 07:31 pm - lobsterbelle

If you'd like a copy of the icon that matches the layout of this place, you can save it from here:

Image hosting by Photobucket

Please credit saint_claws or this community if you'd like to use it anywhere.

4/22/06 07:25 pm - lobsterbelle - EARS! ALL HAIL THE EARS!

Hello new members, and the old ones too.

This community has been a bit neglected, because mezziekins and I have developed crack addictions. No matter what the kids say, Pete Doherty is a bad influence unto us all.

But shaking off the shackles of our drug addictions, Merrin and I shall now be noble and effective moderators, vanquishing all unjust hatred and bringing in love and buttercups.

Please help us out by joining the community and expressing your love for THE EARS.

Here are some suggestions for ear love expression:

* Contemporary dance
* Poetry (inclusing haikus)
* Modern art
* Large scale sandstone monuments

GO CRAZY. :P :P :P :P etc.

PS: If you're not keen on the layout or it doesn't work for some reason, please tell saint_claws who will laugh at your claims and throw lamingtons. That is all.

4/22/06 06:48 pm - lobsterbelle

Guess what? I'm actually going to make the new layout this time! Mezzzzzie, do you still want to search for members once I've completed the transformation?

Then we can actually have a community of love! GASPIES.

1/14/06 04:40 pm - lobsterbelle - jbdvjbfhii933838383ur

I think this place needs a spiffy layout and more members.

What do ye all believe?

9/11/05 07:15 pm - mezziekins

I have a special Christopher Eccleston Northern sexy ears icon!!!!!!!

8/13/05 02:34 pm - lobsterbelle - EARS


That is all.
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